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19 Insane Tidbits From Damore Suit About Google’s Office Environment

THEFEDERALIST.COM – Employees were allowed to award those who spoke out against Damore’s memo ‘peer bonuses’ monitored by the ‘Google Recognition Team.’ Employees were allowed…

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Federal Judge Obliterates Fusion GPS’ Attempt To Hide Info

THEFEDERALIST.COM – In Fusion GPS’ vague telling, they’ve been nothing but forthright with congressional investigative committees, which came as news to those committees. In Fusion…

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Dont Let Fire And Fury Normalize Fake But Accurate

THEFEDERALIST.COM – ‘Fire And Fury’ has given the media a convenient excuse to repeat unverified stories about the Trump administration. It sets a bad precedent….

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PragerU Sues YouTube For Discriminating Against Conservative Videos

THEFEDERALIST.COM – PragerUs suit against Google and YouTube alleging unlawful censorship and free speech discrimination has the potential to be groundbreaking. Those blackballed from social…

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Obamacare Wont Pay For My Back Surgery, But It Will Pay For Opioids

THEFEDERALIST.COM – The story of one North Carolina mans ordeal with Obamacare shows how the federal health care law hurts average American families by denying…

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Why Are Global Warming Alarmists Afraid Of Nuclear Power?

THEFEDERALIST.COM – Environmentalists scream about fossil fuels and carbon dioxide, yet they’re afraid to even mention the two best alternatives, hydro and nuclear power. …praises…

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Mortality Rates Suggest Obamacare Could Be Killing People

THEFEDERALIST.COM – Could Obamacare be behind the strange, unexplained increase in American mortality rates? Its hard to know for sure, but some evidence suggests it….

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Pushing Kids Into Transgenderism Is Medical Malpractice

THEFEDERALIST.COM – It is sadistic to use the public school system, which holds a captive audience, to engage in a social gender identity experiment with the…

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