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How to fact-check and rate news

Our.News makes it easy for anyone to fact check and rate the news, by arming the public with all the tools and information needed to make a quick determination between real and junk news. The platform is non-partisan and transparent, providing both validated background information on news publishers, and leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to determine the public’s view of the veracity of news articles, publishers, and journalists.

Getting Started

The Our.News platform has been designed to work on any news article, tweet, or Facebook post. If you’re reading news on your desktop, the best way to use Our.News is to install our free browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox. After installing, you can use Our.News anywhere you read the news: on Facebook, Twitter, or any news publisher website. On mobile and tablet devices, visit Our.News directly — our mobile apps are still being developed.

Fact Checking

  • Check the Publisher: The first step in fact-checking is usually to get to know who published the article. For this purpose, we’ve teamed with the 1st Amendment Center of the Freedom Forum Institute at the Newseum to offer the Newstrition Label. This shows verified background information on publishers, such as their ownership, location, mission, launch date, and links to more information if you wish to dig further.

    • To access the Newstrition Label: In the browser extensions, this is the first card that opens on any article. On our website, you can access this by tapping any publisher name.

  • Check the Sources: To dig deeper, the next step is to check an article’s sources, and to see if any fact-checkers have already analyzed it. You can do this by clicking the Fact-Check icon , which provides several features:

    • Article Sources:  a list of sources directly referenced within the article.
    • User Contributed Sources: a list of sources that users have contributed.
    • Article Meta: basic background details about the article.
    • Top Indicators:  links to third-party analysis of the article.

  • Check the Ratings: Lastly, it can be helpful to see what other users think about the article by checking the Ratings. While these ratings shouldn’t be taken as canonical, they provide yet another data point for your consideration. You can see the overall article public opinion Scores attached to each article (Note: NA means “not enough ratings yet”), and if you want to see the totals for the specific metrics, click the Ratings icon.


News Ratings

Once you’ve made your determination, the next step is to submit a news rating. Your ratings are an important data point for other users to quickly check the credibility of any article. To rate, click the Quick Ratings icon and click the appropriate ratings icon.

Additional Resources

  • For more information about Our.News, visit our FAQ
  • For more information on separating facts and opinions, visit NewseumED
  • For more information on media literacy, visit NewseumED

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