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What is Our.News?

Our.News is pushing back on misinformation.

Our.News makes it easy for anyone to fact check and rate the news, by arming the public with all the tools and information needed to make a quick determination between real and junk news. The platform is non-partisan and transparent, providing both validated background information on news publishers, and leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to determine the public’s view of the veracity of news articles, publishers, and journalists.

Our.News Team

Richard Zack
Our.News | LinkedIn

Richard is passionate about the news, politics, and technology.

Ryan Yagatich
Our.News | LinkedIn

Ryan designed and builds the primary data engine that powers Our.News.

Sean Killary
Our.News | LinkedIn

Sean is passionate about the news, politics, and music.

Our.News Advisors

John Zogby
John Zogby Strategies
Our.News | LinkedIn | Wikipedia

An internationally respected pollster, opinion leader & best-selling author.

Jeff Werner
The Field Group
Our.News | LinkedIn

An angel investor who assists startups grow thru their early days.

Our.News Partners


Freedom Forum Institute

NYSTAR Certification


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