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What is Our.News?

Our.News makes it easy to fact-check and rate news.

Our mission is to push back against misinformation, by enabling the public to separate fact from fiction, and judge for themselves what's factual and unbiased, and what isn't. Our neutral social news network aggregates, crowdsources, and provides all the tools and data people need to quickly check the facts of any news story. Users then rate the news for various factors. Patent-pending algorithms minimize bias, stop trolls, and provide the overall public opinion scores.

Our.News Team

Richard Zack
Our.News | LinkedIn

Richard is passionate about the news, politics, and technology.

Ryan Yagatich
Our.News | LinkedIn

Ryan designed and builds the primary data engine that powers Our.News.

Sean Killary
Our.News | LinkedIn

Sean is passionate about the news, politics, and music.

Grace D'Errico
Social Media/Newsroom
Our.News | LinkedIn

Grace wages the social media battle against misinformation.

Our.News Advisors

John Zogby
John Zogby Strategies
Our.News | LinkedIn | Wikipedia

An internationally respected pollster, opinion leader & best-selling author.

Scott Crowder
Educational Vistas, Inc.
Our.News | LinkedIn

A leader in EdTech since 1993, servicing over 350 school districts.

Jeff Werner
The Field Group
Our.News | LinkedIn

An angel investor who assists startups grow thru their early days.

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