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Trump: ‘I’d love to see a shutdown’ over immigration

CNN.COM – President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he supports a government shutdown if Democrats won’t agree to tighten immigration laws, undercutting ongoing bipartisan negotiations…

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Fact-check: Trump claims tax plan will ‘cost me a fortune’

CNN.COM – President Donald Trump claimed on Wednesday that the Senate Republican tax plan will cost him and his family “a fortune.” Trump turned to…

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Trump avoids gun control talk in Las Vegas visit

CNN.COM – President Donald Trump, hours after visiting Puerto Rico to survey the damage wrought by Hurricane Maria, returns to the role of comforter-in-chief. President…

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How the Republican health care bill crashed

CNN.COM – The Republicans’ signature campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare came to a screeching halt Monday night after Sens. Mike Lee of Utah…

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Changes in Cuba policy could adversely impact Trump’s hotel competitors

CNN.COM – The proposed changes in US-Cuba relations that President Donald Trump will unveil Friday in Miami could adversely impact hotel brands that directly compete…

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MIT climate study author says Trump got it wrong

CNN.COM – President Donald Trump used a Massachusetts Institute of Technology study to back up his departure from the Paris climate agreement on Thursday. But…

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Trump: ‘I now have responsibility’ when it comes to Syria

CNN.COM – President Trump left the door open to new action in Syria in his first on-camera comments in response to a deadly suspected chemical…

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