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Trumps offered used gold toilet in lieu of van Gogh painting: Report

-The Trump family wanted to borrow a painting by Vincent van Gogh from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to adorn their White House residence. Instead, they were offered a solid gold toilet titled, “America,” according to a report in the Washington Post.More fascinating still, the 18-karat gold toilet, according to the Post, has been occupying the museum’s fifth floor for visitors to use. The piece has been describ..Read more»

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Zeph  <div class="ournews_points"><span>6373</span></div>

Absolutely inappropriate insult to the White House, the President, and the people of America.

Joseph Slater  <div class="ournews_points"><span>1632</span></div>

Perhaps. But that doesn’t make the news story about it false.

Zeph  <div class="ournews_points"><span>6373</span></div>

Didn’t say it did. I rated it low on accuracy because they said the artist wanted to donate it (no evidence he did, even in interview above), and implied that a used toilet was “art” appropriate for the white house, which it is not.

They also said that the painting wanted didn’t travel, and that it’s on the way to Spain… clearly not both true.


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