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Dinesh D’Souza: Colin Kaepernick’s big lie

– Trump seems to have stirred up a hornets nest of opposition with his call for athletes who dont respect the national anthem to be fired. Many NFL owners and players who were previously indifferent seem to have rallied to the Colin Kaepernick cause. Kaepernick, of course, considers his protest to be a cry against slavery and racial oppression, for which he holds America to be the guilty party..Read more»

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Joseph Slater  <div class="ournews_points"><span>1632</span></div>

The authors of this article seem to have conveniently forgotten about “The Southern Strategy” and the reversal of the positions of the Democrats and Republicans. To now claim that Republicans are truly the party that “resists oppression” because of Lincoln is dangerously incorrect, and conveniently wipes out the last 60 years of history.

Dane Jennings  <div class="ournews_points"><span>1954</span></div>

Dinesh claims that the Democratic party is racist. To justify his position, he references votes and stances from the Lincoln era to the 1960s. The parties have changed and these stances are no longer relevant. Also many of them are misrepresented.

davesmithbass  <div class="ournews_points"><span>315</span></div>

Fox News isn’t really news it’s the opinion of Rupert


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