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Opinion | Obamacare Is Not Collapsing, Imploding or Exploding

– Insurers are doing better than they were, but Republicans are stuck in a doom loop. The biggest lie that President Trump and other Republican leaders have been repeating about the Affordable Care Act for years is that it is collapsin..Read more»

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penelope  <div class="ournews_points"><span>133</span></div>
Socialized medicine and health insurance does not belong in the US. It is a redistribution of wealth from those who have money to those who don’t, aka, legal robbery. The Obamacare, affordable healthcare plan is just such a thing. It should be repealed and the US go back to the open market for health insurance. It worked before Obama came along, it can work again. Liberals want big daddy government to give them things like parents. they want free this and subsidized that. If you get an education and get a job that has health care, you are all set.… Read more »
zver81  <div class="ournews_points"><span>668</span></div>

The health insurance market before Obamacare DID NOT WORK. It left millions of people uninsured or unable to get insurance due to a pre-existing condition. And what about those educated people who have jobs that do not provide insurance? Obtaining coverage before Obamacare was extremely costly. Going back means taking multiple steps backwards, which is unacceptable.

Barry  <div class="ournews_points"><span>1932</span></div>

There is no data provided for the positive claims made. ACA plans are unaffordable for older folks & there are lack of insurance providers in many counties. However, current congressional proposals don’t appear to provide any real improvements.


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