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Legendary Tech Investor Boldly Claims “We’d Put All Our Money” on This Stock

– Recent comments from one legendary tech investor have people sprinting to try to get in early on this incredible tech company. For fun, our firm has an internal game of what public companies we’d invest in if we were a hedge fund. We’d put all our money into [this same company].” Why is famed Silicon Valley investor, Marc Andreessen so excited about this ground-breaking company? Its all because of an incredible tech breakthrough that one legendary Google Engineer is saying will be as transformative as the discovery of electricity ! Leading research firm McKinsey and Co. is …..Read more»

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Drake McHugh  <div class="ournews_points"><span>229</span></div>

Motley Fool does have some excellent investment reporting. The problem we face in using them is that they reserve most of the good analysis for paid clients. They also don’t differentiate well in the clickbait vs the free content.


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